Direct supply

 Growers who sign up to Purelana™ receive the best possible market price because most administration costs around the sale of wool are eliminated:

  • Full market price of the day
  • No marketing fee charged to farmers
  • Direct from farm to wool scour
  • No brokering charges
  • No additional charges for processing small lines
  • No full-time representatives on road
  • Minimal handling costs



Purelana™ provides superior New Zealand scoured wool with a clear point of difference to export markets:

  • Available in a range of wool types to meet industrial demands of, for example, tufted carpets or axminster carpets
  • Every Purelana™ shipment covered by an extensive warranty
  • Detailed testing certification, incorporating length and colour measurements
  • A seamless production system means Purelana wool can be traced from the sheep's back, through the scouring process, direct to the manufacturer - and beyond if necessary
  • Produced from 100 per cent pure New Zealand wool


From farm to carpet


For more information about the Purelana™ initiative contact:

  • Craig Sheridan
  • +64 3 357 8700
Video showing sheep shearing, scouring, dyeing, yarn and carpet making from top quality New Zealand wool.