The Lempriere Group is now the single largest shareholder in the two wool scouring plans operating in New Zealand .

The South Island Scour is located in Timaru, on the east cost of the South Island.

The North Island Scour is located in the Hawkes Bay on the east coast of the North Island.

The wool scours:

  • are technologically superior 
  • have fundamentally identical processes
  • considerable economy of scale
  • capacity to process all of New Zealand’s wool clip
  • use pure New Zealand water to scour wool
  • have strict systems of environmental care

To enable an outstanding degree of quality assurance, processing at each plant comprises:

  • an automated, computer controlled blend system
  • operate three metre Andar Cardmaster scours incorporating a Unidryer
  • efficient high density wool presses
  • multiple scouring bowls innovatively configured, enabling very high levels of processing control
  • new technologies in separation and wool grease removal
  • capacity to load 20 tonne containers
  • enhanced freighting efficiency for customers, and
  • organic waste used in manufacturing superior compost products.

wool scours in action

The scour process

From farmer to scour, to manufacturer. Wool Services International takes care of the whole process in their fully integrated Purelana direct wool supply system.